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As the Ehrlich Animal Hospital practice grew, the original “compact” Treatment area was not sufficient to handle the demands placed on it. Their building was designed by a non-specialist, and the Treatment area had an awkward arrangement of elements which created poor workflow. Additionally, the practice was in the process of expanding the range of medical services it offered, including Intensive Care, Respiratory therapies and Ultrasound.

In order to maintain the specific workflows of the practice, we worked closely with the Doctors and Staff of the Ehrlich Animal Hospital to identify the critical processes and elements in their original Treatment area. By maintaining the most useful and critical processes that they had developed, we were able to build on them and improve efficency without disrupting their prefered workflows.

We expanded the general Treatment area by taking a bank of runs from the adjacent boarding area. We were able to relocate radiography out of the Treatment area and into its own room, just off of the main Treatment room. This area is served by an extra wide door to ease transporting patients. With a change to a Digital X-Ray system, and a enough room to work, the process of performing X-Rays has much improved.

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